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Advance Delivery of Boeing Planes

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Budget airline SpiceJet Ltd, which is currently negotiating hard with lessors to keep them from taking back aircraft, has initiated talks with Seattle-based aerospace firm Boeing Company to advance the delivery of the 40 Boeing 737-MAXs it had ordered in January last year.
“SpiceJet has entered into an in-principle understanding with its five lessors managed by BBAM Aircraft Leasing and Finance with regard to five aircraft operated by the company,” SpiceJet said in a regulatory filing on Wednesday.The development comes a week after the airline settled its dispute with one of its aircraft lessors, Wilmington Trust SP Services (Dublin), who agreed to withdraw the process of deregistering the three B-737s it had leased to the airline.

More than 100 pilots had left SpiceJet due to natural attrition when its fleet size was cut in half in December last year, when it was unable to operate all its aircraft. However, now with the airline increasing its flights and bringing in new aircraft, many pilots who had put in their resignation were withdrawing it.