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Again into another Controversy

uttama villain
Actor Kamal Haasan’s much-awaited film, Uttama Villain, in which he plays the role of a ‘superstar’, is ready for release in the second week of April.
Previous to Papanasam, Kamal’s movie Viswaroopam was protested against by many who felt it spoke against Islam. The 60 year old actor is currently promoting his next film ‘Uttam Villain’ in which he plays a dual role of a present day star juxtaposed with the story of an eighty year old artiste.
“Even till last week, we were fighting a case in connection with my film ‘Papanasam’. We know who filed the case, and from where. It’s like trouble and controversies always follow me,” Kamal told IANS here. Kamal said Balachander was reluctant to be part of the film, citing health reasons and that he had forewarned the team.

On his decision to choose his friend and co-actor Ramesh to direct the project, Kamal said: “Ramesh and I come from KB school. We’re friends and his students. Ramesh has been involved in story discussions of my several projects and he helped in choosing the story of Uttama Villain.”
“I can’t sit idle. I am always eager to give audiences good projects because they are expecting it from me,” he added. The 60-year-old has already started work on his next Tamil project, a thriller said to be set against the backdrop of Mauritius.

Despite all the hurdles Kamal continues to work and says very firmly that he continues his work because he wants to live to people’s expectation of him which clearly involve him giving them uttam entertainment. On why there is very little gap between the releases and delay in the release of Vishwaroopam’s sequel, he said, “I don’t understand the reasons for it. The question has to be posed to the film’s producer, Aascar Ravichandran.”