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Amber rose goes Nude.

amber rose

Amber Rose caused quite the social media stir Saturday Instagramming several sexy shots of her in a G-string monokini. Some were quick to criticize the mother of one for flaunting her famous assets so freely, so the 31-year-old model responded by posting even more risqué pictures of her nearly naked self. — As for the haters, especially those saying things like “Omg u r a Mother put some clothes on”? Amber addressed them directly, writing simply and defiantly, “Kiss my Milfy ass bitches”!
“Can”t take a selfie without my boobs getting in the way,” she said. “36H”s (Natural) have a mind of their own.”
“She never thinks about the reactions,” admitted to Cosmopolitan. “It’s never premeditated, it’s never scheduled, we don’t have meetings, it’s not like, ‘Oh, let’s do this.'”