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Andhra New Capital-Amaravati


Andhra Pradesh’s Chief Minister (CM), N.Chandrababu Naidu made an announcement after the Cabinet meeting that the new capital of the State is Amaravati. The Cabinet has affirmed to the first phase of the master plan, as the new capital has ‘vaasthu balam’ and ‘nama balam’, according to the CM.
According to the sources, Naidu finalized Amaravati as the name of his upcoming capital on the rationale that in one stroke, a new modern capital can be linked to history dating back to at least 2000 years when the small town of Amaravati, which is about 32 km away from the core capital region, was a major Buddhist centre.

Over 2300 years ago, Brahmin vassals of the Andhra-Telangana region of the then declining Mauryan empire was waiting for the end of Emperor Asoka to declare their independence. Soon after Asoka died, these vassals founded what later came to be known as the Satavahana Empire. Amaravati was their capital.

The sources said many in the government and the TDP had suggested that the capital be named after NTR, but Naidu had shot it down. The government has made the master plan for the agricultural lands and roadways of the state. The government plans on building a couple of airports, building connecting highways and developing industrial sectors. Its future is now to be re-written, as a capital town once again, its shape and structure decided by master planners of Singapore who may not have any idea how the Satavahanas planned this capital the first time round.