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Bail granted to Pachauri.

pachuri granted bailIn a February 17 application, the Delhi Police cited instances to buttress its case. The application claimed that Pachauri was “creating documents” for his defense and was still in touch with Teri officials who “at the behest of Pachauri are not co-operating” with the police. Pachauri was directed by the court not to contact or approach Teri officials. The lawyer for the complainant, Advocate Prashant Mendiratta, said he will also demand Pachauri’s arrest on Saturday.

Pachauri, a railway engineer with a PhD in industrial engineering and economics, is also a member of the Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change. There was no information on whether he had quit that panel as well. The Council, which guides the broad climate policy of the government, meets sparingly. It met last month — the first time after the new government came to power. “Some members advised him to step down for a while. I understand he has gone on leave now. There was a governing council meeting some time back. Though I did not attend it, I understand this issue (sexual harassment charge) was not on the agenda,” Parekh told The Indian Express.

Mr. Pachauri is on leave from The Energy and Resources Institute since February when the harassment case was filed against him. Pachauri is accused of allegedly harassing a woman research analyst at TERI. Citing several texts, emails, and WhatsApp messages as evidence to prove the claim of sexual harassment, the woman has accused Pachauri of harassing her soon after she joined the TERI in September 2013.

The police had booked Pachauri on charges of molestation, stalking, sexual harassment (Sections 354, 354A, 354D of IPC) and criminal intimidation (Section 506 of IPC). The woman had submitted her complaint to the police on February 13 after approaching TERI on February 9.

The court maintained that the earlier conditions imposed on Pachauri like he will not enter the TERI office premises and he will not intimidate or threaten the complainant and the witnesses of the case will continue.

Meanwhile, Pachauri has submitted an application saying that he had offered to join the investigation, but he has not been contacted by the police. “Unwarranted stress caused by the baseless allegationagainst the applicant worsened his condition as a result of which he was admitted to a private hospital”, reads his application.