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Bandla Ganesh counter on Dasari

th (11)Bandla Ganesh Babu is a breath taking and adrenaline pumping producer who promotes his films only as blockbusters. Bandla is known for his speeches during audio events.’Today, Bandla Ganesh posted a series of lines on Twitter heaping the praises on Chiranjeevi. Bandla went to the extent of bringing in the comparisons between the festivals in yearly calendar and the Chiranjeevi’s film release dates as festivals in Cinema calender.’Chiranjeevi is forever a shining star. We won’t read Ramayanaam’ without Rama and no there is no Telugu cinema without Chiranjeevi. After NTR, ANR and Krishna, Chiranjeevi is No 1 from last 30 years with hard work and talent. He redefined the box office,’ Ganesh said in a series of tweets he made in Telugu.

There was no need of praising chiru to sky as there was no special occasion. But why Bandla showed his unending love on Chiru with series of tweets?’ Fans and gossipmongers are observing this as Bandla Ganesh counter attack on Dasari Narayana Rao’s yesterday comments at Son of Satyamutrhy audio function.

Dasari Narayana Rao has once again made headlines with his shocking comments in yesterday’s Son Of Satyamurthy’s audio release. Talking about setting standards in Telugu film industry, he said NTR and ANR ruled the industry before and later it is only Pawan Kalyan who has won the hearts of millions.  This statement caught fire as he ignored Megastar Chiranjeevi in his talks. Talking about Telugu industry and setting standards, it is obvious fact that Chiranjeevi comes after NTR and ANR . But Dasari chose to ignore him. This has hurt lakhs of Mega fans deeply, including producer Bandla Ganesh.
Bandla Ganesh gave a shocking reply to Dasari, “Chiranjeevi is an example to everyone to come up in life and he is a role model to dancers even today. He has redefined the box office stamina of Telugu industry. If Telugu calender has Telugu festivals, Telugu Cinema calender will have Chiranjeevi movie release dates”, tweeted the biggest mega fan in the industry, Bandla Ganesh.