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Bill gates Suggestions on next Epidemic.

bill gares
“An epidemic is one of the few catastrophes that could set the world back drastically in the next few decades,” Bill Gates warns in an essay he wrote for the March 18 edition of The New England Journal of Medicine.In the article, titled “The Next Epidemic Lessons From Ebola,” he says the Ebola epidemic is a “wake-up call.” “Because there was so little preparation, the world lost time, trying to answer basic questions about containing Ebola,” writes Gates

“There is a significant chance that an epidemic of a substantially more infectious disease will occur sometime in the next 20 years; after all, we saw major epidemics during the 20th century, including the Spanish influenza epidemic of 1918-1919 and the ongoing pandemic of human immunodeficiency virus,” Gates wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine. “In fact, of all the things that could kill more than 10 million people around the world, the most likely is an epidemic stemming from either natural causes or bioterrorism.”

Gates, a businessman and philanthropist, challenged the world to learn from what happened with Ebola.