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BJP Leaders meet PM

narendra modi
With the government mulling various options on the land bill, the BJP top brass on Wednesday met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and is reported to have discussed the Land Acquisition Ordinance that expires on April 5.
The meeting lasted for over two hours. The sources say that the government is trying to find a legal way out of the situation and may not want to re-promulgate the controversial land ordinance and will thus allow it to lapse on April 5 in the wake of stiff opposition by various political parties and activists.
The party has decided to go all out, ahead of its national executive meeting in Bengaluru in early April, to dispel the “perception” that the RSS and its affiliates are pushing for further changes to the Bill. The Prime Minister’s views expressed during the “Mann ki Baat” with farmers on All India Radio will be the party’s line on the Bill. As for the political opposition to the Bill, a BJP leader said that if the proposed legislation was opposed for “politics,” then constitutional remedies were available.