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Gandhi Missing Posters!!

rahul gandhi
Rahul Gandhi has been on a leave of absence for the last few weeks, just when the crucial Budget Session of Parliament began.
Posters screaming “Laapata (missing)” were recently put up in Bulandshahr and Allahabad by BJP workers. These announced a reward for any information on Rahul Gandhi. Similar posters, announcing reward for the one who finds Rahul, have also come up in different districts, including in Bulandshahr and Allahabad. However, those in Amethi became a cause of concern for Congress workers, who spent the entire day removing them from public places. According to reports, these posters, which have surfaced in UP’s Allahabad and Bulandshahr districts, allege that the Congress leader lacks vision as he decided to go on leave during the crucial Budget Session of Parliament. At least twice, Congress leaders shared his date of return only to say later that he has extended his “leave of absence.” The party now says he will return by the end of March.

BJP’s spokesperson for Amethi, Govind Singh, however, brushed aside the allegations. “We have not put up these posters, which seems to be the work of some locals. But like any other resident of this constituency, we also want to know why he left during the Budget session instead of raising issues of his constituency,” he said.