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hunterWatching Hunterrr made to think about two things. One is sex, which is what the movie proclaims it’s about. The other is childhood. (For Hunterrr, they’re necessarily connected, but we’ll get to that soon enough.Hunterrr, is a 2015 Indian comedy film written and directed by Harshavardhan Kulkarni. The film features Gulshan DevaiahRadhika Apte and Sai Tamhankar in lead roles.

The film may not be a milestone in terms of how Bollywood handles its sex comedies, but it is definitely a step in the right direction. To begin with, the women are neither objectified nor made a laughing stock. The joke is definitely on our protagonist, Mandar (Gulshan Devaiah), and his attempts – successful or not – to control his sex addiction.

Sex comedies have done well in India lately, thanks to comedic masterpieces like Kya Super Kool Hai Hum and Grand Masti. They’re made at moderate to tiny budgets and lapped up by the biggest film goer demographic in India – the lowest common denominator Aam Aadmi who chuckles at naughty wordplay and the slightest reference to female anatomy. Even originality doesn’t matter – an SMS forward can get the box office registers ringing.

The hero of Harshvardhan Kulkarni’s quirky tale of a sex addict is so unabashedly cheesy he could be a new recruit at your neighborhood cyber cafe, assigned exclusively to pilot porn sites. In the opening sequence our, errr, hero Mandar explains to his friends why and how intercourse is a biological need for him, like going to the bathroom.

On the whole, ‘Hunterrr’ is a disarmingly frank sex comedy that knocks off all moral policing and strips the holier-than-thou brigade to the bare essentials. You may not like Mandar’s leery behavior. But hell, some men does look at women as sex objects. And anyone who objects to sex is advised to look away.