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Is he a Part time Politician?

th (1)Pawan Kalyan appears on the political scene once in two months. Perhaps he is the only political leader who does not have a band of party workers or executives. His lakhs of fans are considered his political workers.

Pawan Kalyan made a big show ofsupport to farmers when he went to CRDA villages and made record breaking statements at Thullur. Then he conveniently forgot about all of it without any followup.
His political novice and immaturity reflects in his statement that Chandrababu should be CM for 20 years. Political critics say that perhaps it was a trait  in the family. Like Chiranjeevi wound up  PRP, Pawan also could disband Jana Sena for the sake of TDP, they feel.Pawan Kalyan quoted the media reports which mentioned AP government telling the high court that it will not force any body to accept the Land Pooling and will resort to Land Acquisition if necessary on unwilling farmers. Pawan Kalyan had toured the Capital notified villages a month ago but later lowered his tone once he is back in Hyderabad.

This is the second time the Jana Sena President raised his concern for capital region farmers, while earlier, he toured in all the capital region villages near Guntur and interacted with several farmers, on why they are not willing to lend the lands for the capital city construction.Later he organized a press meet and expressed his support to the farmers, and pledged to take up a movement against AP government if it implements the forceful land acquisition.


He created a furore by raising his voice against the AP government over it proposal to invoke Land Acquisition Act to take agricultural lands from those formers, who do not want to give their fertile lands for the new capital.“It seems the AP government has informed  the High Court that it is going to impose Land Acquisition Act on those farmers who refused to give their agricultural lands for construction of the Capital. In that case, I’m ready to fight on behalf of farmers,” the film actor tweeted.The Jana Sena boss had recently undertaken a visit across the capital region and expressed his solidarity with the capital farmers.