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Lokesh Yatra

download (10)Lokesh Babu Son of Chandrababu Naidu is all set for a new yatra in Andhra Pradesh soon. He named the tour as  “Karyakarthala Sankshema Yatra”, According to TDP cadre, TDP is the only party which always cares for the workers in their regime.He is now ready to enlighten them more in order to work for the party in all districts. Lokesh will start this yathra from 14th of April right from his Chittoor district. He will be doing Cycle yatra through out districts. As Chandrababu starts everything from Tirupati so does Nara Lokesh too.TDP leader Nara Lokesh will do a  ‘Odarpu ‘ kind  of tour  in Andhra Pradesh from  April  14   to meet  the families  of  TDP workers who sacrificed their lives for the party work, died in road accidents or  fell victim to factional politics by rivals.

Lokesh who is the party coordinator for the party workers  fund  and also welfare programs  will distribute  cheques to the bereaved  families.Such a ‘Odarpu campaign’ by  TDP is hoped to go a big way  in rebuilding and re-orientation of TDP cadres who have lost zeal after the party’s victory in the last elections.Lokesh has become the new face of the party  next to Chandababu Naidu and has gradually  eliminated the influence of the YS chowdhary lobby in the party.