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Man Misbehaved to Tina Dutta.

tina dutta
According to a report, Tina Dutta aka Iccha of ‘Uttaran’ had to recently go through an awkward moment during an Award function held at Gurgaon. While presenting an award on the stage, a man grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him. The actress shouted in response and tried warning him, to which the attacker reasoned that all he wanted to do was click a picture with the actress. Tina was quoted in the report as saying that she had never expected anyone to behave in such a manner. The guy was not at all apologetic about his behavior.
It is just a few days back, we reported about Parichay fame Mona Wasu molested. She had also filed a molestation case at the DN Nagar police station. Also during India’s Raw Star finale shoot, Gauhar was slapped by a man. Malik, the attacker, was then arrested and produced in court. He claimed that he wanted to teach her a lesson for not wearing “appropriate” clothes on the show. Apparently, Tina had been to an awards ceremony in Goregaon, where she was to present awards. A guy, who came to receive an award held her suddenly. On the pretext of taking a picture, he pulled her towards him. She snapped at him by saying, “Excuse me, don’t misbehave.”
Tina, however said that she did not expect that someone could behave like this on stage and also said she felt like slapping him. She said, “I want to ask him if some guy does the same to his daughter or wife how would he react?