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th (44)This isn’t the first time Microsoft has experimented with Android to sell smartphones. For example, the short-lived Nokia X was an Android device, cloaked in a Windows Phone-style launcher, which could install select Android apps through its own app store. The idea was that Microsoft could pocket a cut of Android app sales, users would get a wider selection of apps, and the Windows Phone skin would promote sales of low-end Windows Phones.

Yet shortly after its release, the Nokia X was rooted, which allowed users to install Google’s first-party services — such as Search, Maps, and the Play Store. As a result, the rooted devices ironically tethered users to Google’s ecosystem. As a result, Microsoft discontinued the device and ended its brief courtship of Android apps. In its place, Microsoft doubled down on low-end Lumia devices like the new Lumia 430, which only costs $70 unlocked. You no longer need to worry about making amendments to your printed memos and emailing them out to your employees, thanks to Microsoft Corporation’s impressive app that was previously available on Windows Phones only, now having been ported to iOS, and Android.

In simpler terms, you can now carry around your personal little scanner in your pocket, all in the form of your smartphone, as Office Lens lets you take photos of whiteboards, documents, receipts, etc., so you can store them for later use, with the ability to edit them as needed.Office Lens was launched at Apple’s App store and on Android phones, alongside other Microsoft applications, including Office and Outlook. This is a part of the company’s newer strategy to embrace other platforms outside its own.

According to a report, Office Lens identifies the text on the images it captures using optical character recognition (OCR), which allows users to locate the file using the keyword search in OneNote or in Microsoft’s Cloud storage site, One Drive.Similarly, you don’t have to crop anything, like menus, business cards, receipts, with the app doing all of it for you in addition to enhancing and clearing up of the image before sending it over to OneNote or One Drive as a JPEG, Word, PowerPoint, or PDF documents.