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Microsoft into Android

microsoft into andriodMicrosoft just sharpened it software sword against Google on the search giant’s own platform. Microsoft, still struggling to gain a foothold in the smartphone market, is pressing ahead with efforts to have its software bundled with Android devices from major manufacturers, with Samsung as its first partner.

“We’ll have Microsoft One Drive, and OneNote, and Office 365 come with Knox Workspace. When you download Knox Workspace, this comes pre-loaded,” Samsung’s Injong Rhee said at the conference. He added that Microsoft’s One Drive, OneNote, and Skype apps would ship pre-installed on Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge phones.

Ideally, this will make it incredibly easy to seamlessly continue working on a project despite switching devices. It feels as though different devices, each have their own productivity wall. For example, my desktop, out-powers my laptop, but lacks portability. While my smartphone has been  ever-present, it lacks the same type of storage and functionality as an actual computer. Microsoft aims to break down those barriers to success by offering their products on more platforms. The cloud storage is a nice touch, making it easier to take your work anywhere.

It appears as if Microsoft is making amends through its software deals, though the other top tablet and smartphone makers like Sony, Acer and Asus remain out of the equation for now.