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Mustafa Quits as ICC President

mustafa kamal

International Cricket Council (ICC) president A.H.M. Mustafa Kamal has announced his resignation to protest the “denial” by the governing body to let him give away the trophy to the champions in the World Cup and also the “controversial” umpiring during the Bangladesh-India quarterfinal match in Melbourne.
Mustafa Kamal has decided to quit as the President of International Cricket Council (ICC) in the wake of the Cricket World Cup trophy handing over controversy between him and the ICC. While addressing journalists Kamal made it clear that he is not happy with the chains of events that happened just prior to the World Cup final in Melbourne. However, the ICC has denied receiving Kamal’s resignation. “My resignation is ready. It will be sent to ICC. From now on I’m not the present ICC President,but a former ICC President,” Kamal went on to add.

Kamal said yesterday: “An unofficial meeting was called a day before the final of the World Cup. Some six members of the ICC board [including Srinivasan] attended that meeting where I was asked to apologize for my statements in the media; but I refused.
Kamal had said that the matter needs to be looked into. “From what I have seen, the umpiring was very poor. There was no quality in the umpiring. It seemed as if they had gone into the match with something in mind. I am speaking as a fan, not as the ICC president,” Kamal said. “Umpires may make mistakes. The ICC will see if this was done deliberately. Everything is on the record. The ICC has to investigate and inquire the issue to see if there’s anything to it.”
On Tuesday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said it was “unfortunate and odd” that Mr. Kamal was not allowed to hand over the trophy. “It looked odd that he was barred from his rightful responsibility,” she was quoted as saying. by newspapers.