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Petrol & Diesel Price cut.

The Modi government on Wednesday turned falling international prices into a bonanza for fuel consumers by way of cuts in the prices of petrol, diesel, CNG and PNG.
The new rates have become effective from Thursday, two days after the government cut natural gas prices by eight percent.CNG in adjoining Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad will cost 70 paisa less at Rs 42.80, Indraprastha Gas Limited said in a statement.
The consumer price of PNG to the households in Delhi has been reduced by Rs 0.60 per scm from Rs 25.50 per scm to Rs. 24.90 per scm upto consumption of 36 scm in two months with effect from today. Beyond consumption of 36 scm in two months, the applicable rate remains unchanged, the release said.

With the revised price, CNG would offer nearly 55% savings towards the running cost when compared to petrol driven vehicles at the current level of prices. When compared to diesel driven vehicles, the economics in favour of CNG at revised price would be over 22%.