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Rahul on IPL

th (45)The Indian Premier League is often seen, from the point of view of unknown Indian players, as a chance to make a splash and get into the big league, but Rahul Dravid reiterated that without doing the hard yards at the first-class level, a player was unlikely to be successful in the IPL.“When we pick players, we look a lot at their Ranji Trophy performance as well. Of course, there are specific T20 skills that we are looking for but we also want to see hunger, we also want to see consistency and we also want to see somebody who can deliver under pressure,” Dravid said.

“We do follow the rules of IPL strict. The rules laid down by the ACSU (Anti-Corruption and Security Unit of IPL). There are some protocols in place. There is a system in place which try and prevent a lot of these things from happening again,” Dravid said during a promotional event at the Sardar Patel Stadium in Motera. “The IPL took a lesson from the issues of match-fixing and spot-fixing. RR is alert and on vigil and we will try our best to stop such menace. Also, there is responsibility of the individuals and they also have to be (on) vigil and alert against such issues,” he said.

“In Rajasthan Royals, we go out of our way to individually address these issues and give youngsters a clear path as to what are the steps to be taken if they are to come to know of such incidents. We do our best, but a lot of it is the individual responsibility of the players as well.”