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Rajendra Prasad comment on Jayasudha.

rajendra prasad2
Rajendra Prasad strongly reacted to Jayasudha’s comments about the Telugu film industry being a male-dominated industry.
“It’s not correct to make an actor who helped you laugh for years, cry now. Some forces from Delhi are making Jayasudha act now, but there is no truth in male-domination as she claimed. Already there are politics in Film Industry, why are you bringing more of them into MAA body now?”, asked Rajendra Prasad. ‘Those who are creating tough situations for us are not actors, they are sadists” he adds.  The senior actor clarified that his panel members have never influenced opponents through any direct means or using any political pressure.
Rajendra Prasad also pointed out that in a career spanning over a decade and half, he got to act in 225 films and got the opportunity to work with some of the big names in the Telugu film industry. Not many in the industry could surpass his seniority he further added.