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Rani Mukerji Turns 37

rani-mukerji-mainOne of the most accomplished and talented actresses of the Indian film Industry, Rani Mukerji turns 37 today.

The actor insists that even as a kid, she was an introvert. “According to my mom, I am a ghorkuno, which in Bengali means, I always like to stay at home,” she admits with her ­inimitable giggle.

While Rani says that this is the reason that she has stayed away from social media, she is happy that her husband, too, shares that trait. “I am married to a person who is very similar to me and probably even a little more private than I am, so there will be nothing for me to share on social media. I can’t share my life there as my husband also doesn’t encourage that, so obviously I can’t talk about him, and if fans ask me about my life or his life or want to see our ­pictures, and I cannot even ­disappoint them because that’s also a responsibility.  You are answerable to all the people who are following you,” she says, much in a fix.

She is one of the few female actors who have been fortunate enough to star opposite all the four Khan’s-Aamir, Salman, Shah Rukh, Saif.