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Reports says 56% record highest US work visa rejection.

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Foreign nationals are having a more difficult time of getting hired and entering the country under L-1B visas, according to a report released by the National Foundation for American Policy.Despite the growing bonhomie with the United States, India suffered by far the highest number of L-1B visa denials between 2012 and 2014.

Stuart Anderson, executive director of the NFAP, told the newspaper the steady hike in L-1B denials was catalyzed by the recession of 2008, which led to a “protectionist culture at the immigration enforcement agency in favor of American technology workers. On Tuesday the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing to consider a bipartisan bill that would expand and possibly more than double the number of visas granted each year. Some at the hearing disagreed with Vaughan’s stance, calling it shortsighted.

Rakesh Prabhu, partner-immigration practice at ALMT Legal, feels that US authorities are trying to do a “balancing act” – trying to protect the interests of the American workforce, but also providing some concession to foreign workers, such as the recent move to give work permits to their spouses.

Rejection rates have increased sharply since the 2007-08 global financial crisis and the resulting high unemployment rates in the US. For all countries, the average rejection rate was under 10% before 2008, but now stands at 35%. The Indian rejection rate has contributed significantly to this increase. What’s surprising is that the rejection rates are rising even with the unemployment rate in the US dropping sharply.