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RP Vs JS: MAA Elections

rajendra prasadEarlier ‘Natakiriti’ Rajendra Prasad expressed his desire to become MAA President and serve the Telugu Film Industry in return for the care it has showered on him for years. His candidature is thought to be unanimous as the likes of Nagababu and Vishnu Manchu backed him openly. Other notable and influential voters in the association like Uttej and Sivajiraja also supported the comedy-hero. But things are not as smooth as it could be as we hear that former heroine and present character artist Jayasudha is also eyeing the same chair and wants to file her nomination tomorrow.

Next presidential elections of MAA Seat are not going to be that easy for Rajendra Prasad who wanted to grab it unanimously. On the other hand Murali Mohan is trying for the same while sources say that Jayasudha even uttered her words that she is interested to participate in it.

So, senior artiste Rajendra Prasad made a statement that he was willing to take up the post. In fact, Chiranjeevi’s brother Naga Babu has already promised his support to Rajendra Prasad.
Rajendra Prasad further added that he wanted to serve  the film industry, which gave him the respectable position in the society and its payback time now. He even stressed that there is a negative feeling in the industry circle that in MAA there is a monopoly and I will prove that’s wrong in a short period of time.

Later, the actress Jayasudha has also announced her interest towards the MAA president position, with the support of former MAA president Murali Mohan. And she has submitted her nomination for the president position on Friday. Now the Tollywood sources are expecting that there will be a healthy competition between Rajendra Prasad and Jayasudha. There are rumors that Manchu Vishnu, one of the reputed Tollywood film heroes also expressed his interest towards the role of MAA president, which is yet to be confirmed officially.

Actor Murali Mohan is the current president of the MAA and his tenure will end in a couple of days.