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RSS on Ambedkar

th (14)The World may know BR Ambedkar as a Dalit leader and a visionary who headed the committee that wrote the Indian Constitution but the RSS has decided to bring out what it calls “lesser known facets” about him. On Ambedkar’s 125th birth anniversary next Tuesday, both the Organiser and Panchjanya will issue collector’s editions, 200-page bumper issues on Ambedkar, where he would be celebrated as a ‘purifier’ who vehemently spoke against Islamic ‘aggression’, conversion to Islam, communism and Article 370.

The special edition would highlight some of the “unexplored dimensions” of Dr Ambedkar, also known as the Father of the Indian Constitution and hailed by many as a dalit icon.

Describing Dr Ambedkar as a “nationalist to the core”, the special edition, will be released by RSS second-in-command Bhaiyya Joshi and will also highlight Dr Ambedkar’s efforts towards eradication of caste culture.

The RSS leadership had claimed that Dr Ambedkar believed in the Sangh’s ideology and had called its workers symbols of social unity and integrity.

With Assembly elections in the politically-crucial UP scheduled in 2017 where Mayawati’s BSP, whose majority vote bank consist of dalits, could pose a big challenge to the BJP, the saffron party has many functions and events lined up, including in UP, to mark the anniversary.

“He was a man of many talents. He was the chairman of the drafting committee of our constitution, studied caste and had a sound grip on the economy and foreign policy,” said an RSS leader. “However, we haven’t done justice to him as a society.”

Aware of the immense appeal of Ambedkar among Dalits – who constitute 16% of India’s population — the RSS is leaving no stone unturned to make the celebrations eye-catching, sources said.

Followers of Ambedkar have been critical of Hinduism as well as non-Dalit parties and this was an attempt to reach out to them, they added.