Samanta revealed about her Love

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Off screen, however, Samantha is a far cry from the star she is on celluloid. She answers the door to her posh service apartment herself, welcomes you warmly and even serves you orange juice ‘without sugar and ice’. There’s no butler, PRO, secretary or even mommy hanging around protectively. Mention that and Samantha seems amused. “I’m just a regular girl who loves her job, why would I behave any differently?” she shoots back, setting the tone for an hour-long candid conversation. Excerpts. Siddharth and Samantha were spotted together at a hotel in Mumbai spending their quality time over the weekend. Talking to Oneindia reporter, Samantha confirmed their relationship and said that they are going to tie the knot very soon. But when asked about why they hid it, she said that it is their private affair and they did not want to give it a big hype.

Siddharth also approved their affair and said, “We are in love from the past sixth months, but we have kept it secret because it is strictly personal and hyping it would bring an unwanted attention towards us.” Meanwhile, the actor added, “Both me and Samantha are currently busy with a few films. We will enter wedlock after we complete our respective projects. We hope to marry in December 2013.” In an industry where a new glam doll is launched with every other film, Samantha Prabhu stands out. She has more film offers to choose from than she has a free dates. She has the rare honor of picking exactly who she wants to work with and on what terms. She’s no glam prop, scripts are written around the characters she portrays. And rumor mills suggest that she is one of the few leading ladies of Tollywood’s ‘crore club’. And why not? Barely three years into the Telugu film industry, the 25-year-old has already delivered five big hits, back to back. Call her talented, or plain lucky, but the fact is that Samantha is on the wish list of every top actor, director and producer.