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Shradda and her Friends.

th (5)It’s been almost two years to Aashiqui 2now but the rumours of the leading pairShraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur’s romantic relationship has still not stopped doing the rounds. Each time you ask any of them and they will have their usual answer ready.

Attending the event that saw the unveiling of the 40-ft replica of Eiffel Tower, Shraddha said, “I have said this since day one, and I am saying it again, I have said it 30 times, we have always been really good friends, and we will continue to be good friends.”

She added, “We have had a very special experience, which was Aashiqui 2. Not only for us, but Mohit Suri as well, the experience is going to be with us for a lifetime.”

In the end she even hit on the media present at the event by saying that when would they get tired of asking her questions about her relationship with Mr Kapur.

“So I am very excited about that. I hope everybody likes me singing my own songs in the film. I am training now so I hope I can sing better,” added the actress, who sang ‘Galliyan’ in ‘Ek Villain’ and also crooned for ‘Haider’.

“I would love to go to Paris with Priyanka Chopra. I have admired her for the longest time and it will be the most amazing experience of my life to be in Paris with PC,” Shraddha answered. But the media was not amused. Yet, we were expecting a different answer, for sure!