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Skin Disease-Joni Mitchell

joni mitchel
Joni Mitchell was hospitalized on Tuesday after being found unconscious in her apartment, according to the 71-year-old singer’s website. In recent years, Mitchell has said that she suffers from many ailments, including a strange and controversial condition called Morgellons disease, The New York Times reported.
The hospitalization of music legend Joni Mitchell on Tuesday night shocked and worried millions of fans. Mitchell was found unconscious at her home and rushed to the emergency room, but the nature of her illness is still unconfirmed. The incident revived concern about an odd and mysterious health condition Mitchell has spoken about suffering in the past. It is known as Morgellons disease, and it reportedly affects some 13,000 people in the U.S. It’s in fact, so mysterious and odd that the consensus of the majority of the medical community is that Morgellons doesn’t actually exist.
Morgellons disease is not widely accepted as a medical diagnosis because there is no established physical cause of the condition. Some doctors say the mysterious fibers are actually threads from people’s clothing or bandages that got stuck in scabbed skin. The disease is a fairly rare complaint that affects mostly middle-aged white women, studies suggest. [The 9 Most Bizarre Medical Conditions] Because the medical community is skeptical of Morgellons, most people self-diagnose with the help of Dr. Google. As a result, there is an active online community of Morgellons sufferers online.
The 71-year-old singer-song writer has often complained of her battle with Morgellons, a medical mystery that has stumped the scientific community for years.