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Son of MLA is Trying for a Peon Job

m.l.a son wants peon jobIn a step that may stun his fellow candidates, Hansraj Verma, son of BJP MLA Heeralal Verma, applied for a peon’s post in the Rajasthan State Agriculture Marketing Board. Hansraj, who is looked upon as the MLA’s son in at Niwai constituency in Tonk district, works in a private hospital and was nonchalant after appearing for the interview on Thursday. Heera Lal Verma of the BJP does not want his son, Hansraj, who has passed the eighth standard, to join politics. The young man attended an interview for the post at the Rajasthan State Agriculture Marketing Board in Ajmer on Friday.

“ My son Hansraj works in a private clinic in Niwai and earns  5,000 per month. He was weak in studies and could not clear secondary exam (class X). So this is the only option available to him. I will not encourage him to involve in any work or business which is higher than his capabilities or eligibility,” the MLA told PTI on Saturday.

Dismissing speculations of his influences the result of the interview,  the MLA said, “The interview went well and if he gets the job, it will be on the basis of his performance only.” Mr Verma’s eldest ex-councillor’s son is a businessman, another son is currently preparing for competitive exams and his daughter is pursuing B.Ed degree.