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Sonakshi Vs Deepika on Women Empowerment.

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Reacting to Deepika Padukone’s latest women empowerment video, ‘My Choice’, Sonkasi Sinha said that having sex outside marriage is not empowerment. Some section of the society might be lauding Deepika Padukone for effectively sending out a strong message about women empowerment and her choice to lead life in her own way but few people slammed the actress and among them was Sonakshi Sinha.
On being asked about her opinion on the video, Sonakshi said, “Women empowerment is not always about the kind of clothes you wear, not about who you want to have sex with or stuff like that. It’s about employment, strength.” Disapproving of the ideas being portrayed as women empowerment, Sonakshi said, “It’s a very good initiative. It’s coming from a good space, but honestly, I believe empowerment should be given to the women who actually need it, who are kind of far away from where we are right now. We have been breeding and brought up with luxury.”

Sonakshi, who is yet to watch the clip, believes that women living in the deep ends of society need to be empowered.  The video talks about the stereotyping that women from different walks of life face in their everyday life, but the lines “It is my choice to marry or not to marry… It is my choice to have sex before marriage or have sex outside the marriage” have drawn criticism.