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Sonia Gandhi Accused by Nitin

soni vs nitin

Hitting back at Congress President Sonia Gandhi on the Land bill issue, BJP leader Nitin Gadkari today accused her of “misleading” the country and alleged that UPA government’s policies had resulted in unemployment and farmers suicide.Responding to a letter by Mrs Gandhi, Gadkari, who is a key government point person on the controversial bill, said on Monday that not a single acre of land was acquired under the land acquisition law brought out by the UPA for irrigation and other rural and social infrastructure projects and farmers remained dependent on rains all the time. Gadkari challenged Sonia for an open debate over the land bill, arguing democracy demands debate over welfare measures and leaders should not shy away from it.
Replying to criticism over the move to keep various projects out of the purview of social impact assessment, Gadkari said, “the UPA government willingly created a system in which big land acquisition projects were out of the assessment while welfare projects run by state governments were mired in it”.Chiding the government for painting those opposing its land bill as anti-nationals, Sonia asked the government to “rise above its narrow-minded politics”. Hailing farmers as the “backbone” of the country, she said the Congress could not support any law which hurt farmers, and asked the Modi dispensation to bring back the UPA’s land bill in totality.
“Your government came out with subsidy programs to get the votes of farmers and rural youth. Our government’s law is in the interest of villages, poor, farmers and laborers,” he said, rejecting the charge the land bill was an anti-farmer.