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Swine flu deaths!!

swine flu deathsAccording to the Union Health Ministry, as on March 19, 1874 persons have perished to the disease while the number of affected persons across the states stood at 31,681.

The H1N1 death toll in India was inching towards the 1,900 mark with as many as 1874 having already succumbed to the virus as of March 19. Just a day after these numbers were revealed, Goa Health Minister Francis D’Souza said that the swine flu virus will die automatically as temperatures in the country rises in summer.In Rajasthan, which is another of the worst affected states, the death toll inched towards the 400-mark as 398 people perished from the disease while the number of affected persons stood at 6,356.

State wise death toll, according to official health ministry states are as follows: Gujarat (404), Rajasthan (397), Maharashtra (334), Telangana (75), Karnataka (77), Punjab (53), West Bengal (23), Uttar Pradesh (36), J&K (16), Delhi (12), Kerala (12), Tamil Nadu (13), Andhra Pradesh (22), Himachal Pradesh (20), Chhattisgarh (17).

The health ministry study also found that 17 per cent of the deaths occurred in the age group 18-30 years while 12 per cent of the casualties were in the 60 and above category.Andhra Pradesh has now seen 22 swine flu fatalities while 20 people have died in Himachal Pradesh. The disease has claimed the lives of 17 people in Chhattisgarh.