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Thermal Station Plans for Expansion

thermal stationNTPC Simhadri Super Thermal Station is planning expansion of its 2,000 MW coal-fired power plant at Parawada near here. “We are exploring various options to acquire 400 acres so as to take up construction of a super critical power plant adjoining our existing power plant,” NTPC Simhadri Group General Manager A.K. Samanta told reporters here on Monday.

Interacting with media persons here on Monday, NTPC Simhadri group general manager AK Samanta said “We are internally having discussions on expanding the unit. Initially, we want to go for a 650-800MW expansion for which we will require an additional 400 acres. However, we are yet to come up with a detailed proposal. It will be ideal if the land is available near the existing unit.”

He said the internal assessment was conducted on the viability of a super critical unit to generate below 1,000 MW so as to make it a cost-effective green power project. He said a Brownfield project will have a production cost of less than Rs. 5crore per megawatt whereas for a greenfield unit it will be more than Rs. 5crore per megawatt.

Stating that there was a significant improvement in raw material security with supply of coal from Mahanadi Coal-fields Ltd of Odisha, he said that they were meeting the shortfall by sourcing it from other coal-fields and imported coal