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Vidya Balan met Kamal Hassan.

vidya balan
When Vidya Balan says in a press conference in Chennai, you know she feels at home. She’s a big fan of Kancheevaram sarees, speaks Tamil with a cute Palakkad accent and is a big fan of Kamal Haasan.

“I’m visiting Chennai after a very long time,” she announced, “Of course, I passed through when I went to Pondicherry and Tirupati recently, but it’s been two years at least since I visited the city. You aren’t inviting me often, I suppose!”
The security gave me a photo of Kamal’s autograph at that time, i felt so thrilled at that age” Said Vidya Balan remembering her Childhood. She also said she missed a Chance in Tamil before accepting Parineeta movie.

Lets see Kamal may give a chance to Vidya Balan behind him soon. About standards of beauty and body-image issues, one of the topics covered in the summit, the Kahaaniactress said, “A lot has been written about my structure and comments have been passed about my losing or gaining weight. I really think there’s more to me than my body.”