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Vizag a Prostitution Hub?


Till recently, there was a special code for call girls and their agents-according to which, they wore uniforms so their clients could identify them easily. However, the police recently busted this ‘modus operandi’. Prostitution too has gone the techno way these days.Of late, most of them have started using the Internet for their business.

Although codes and innovative methods  were used to run the business, the police have uncovered  the sex rackets.
The moment they resorted to a public medium such as the internet, drawing attention was inevitable for them. The medium isn’t just lacks security, but also makes the content publicly accessible. Now, the internet has become a hub of activity,especially for call girls Vizag.Customers can browse through the profiles of women and the selected girl will be sent to customers’ rooms with the understanding between guest houses and escort agencies. Once they login to the website, a number will be displayed. After preliminary inquiry, the agent invites the customer to a place, spies on him for a while and then meets him if he finds nothing suspicious. The customer will then be shown photographs of several call girls and their charges.

Once the talking is done, the agent drops the girls at the customers’ guesthouses. Some customers even enjoy their partners at tourist resorts in Araku, Ananthagiri etc. The girls are paid anywhere between 5,000 to 20,000 depending upon their physical and facial beauty.The ACP said some members of the gang used to pose themselves as marketing executives of a real estate firm and reportedly collected contact numbers of some people whom they contacted through pimps.

Inspector Ch Tirupathi Rao said a trap was laid by sending plainclothes policemen as decoy customers in the Shivajipalem area from where the racket was being operated.Police also rescued four girls, suspected trafficker from various parts of the district, from the apartment and booked the accused under the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act. Ever since the union government announced Visakhapanam will be a smart city in the coming years, the city is getting even smarter in terms of prostitution. Most tourists and even city youths have been resorting to city guesthouses for their dark time activities. They are being provided by posh call girls from metros like Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai by several online escort agencies.